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The house: Three bedrooms sleep 8 adults (or more if under 13 years of age). Three full baths; gourmet kitchen; wireless internet; two-car garage and level driveway (4 more cars can fit). Sunny lot with seasonal stream, greenbelt on two sides, and trail access nearby. Non-smoking. Well-behaved pets are welcome. Please do not use our skis or the canoe.

Beds: The house is configured to sleep 12. An Eastern King bed is in the master bedroom. A Queen bed is in the second bedroom upstairs. Twin bunkbeds and a Full bed are in the third bedroom upstairs. A Full futon and a Queen pull-out couch are in the living room. Extra sheets, blankets and pillows are stowed in the upstairs hallway closet, the master bedroom, and in the bench seat in the living room. Please bring your own sheets and towels if you won’t have time to wash and dry the house linens at the end of your stay.

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              Beds: 1 Eastern King, 2 Queen, 2 Full, 2 Twin (bunkbeds). 

Baths: There are three full bathrooms. Towels are in the hall closet upstairs. Extra TP and toiletries are in upstairs bathroom and hallway cupboards. Watch that the toilets don’t run indefinitely. 

Kitchen: Please bring your own coffee and alcohol and replace any condiments or other food you use up. Wine glasses are in the cabinet near the dining room table. There are a dishwasher, gas stove and oven, microwave, coffee maker, espresso maker, French press, coffee grinder, milk foamer, toaster, blender, food processor, Sodastream, Instant Pot, Crock Pot, and electric tea pot. User manuals are on the bookshelf in the living room and in a drawer in the pantry.

  • We installed Chilipepper pumps to bring hot water quickly to the kitchen sink and master bathroom. A button is mounted just inside the cabinet under the kitchen sink, and remotes for the master pump are in the master bath and guest bath upstairs. The pumps (loudly) draw on the hot water line and shunt it to the cold line so none is wasted, until they sense that the water is hot, then turn off. Please prime them before use if the water main has been off, by turning off the cold water valve under the sink where each pump is mounted and running hot water for a few moments to fill the pump housing (then turn the cold back on).

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