2. All Year (see House info page for basics)

Cleaning: We are not contracted with a cleaning service, so please leave the house clean when you depart, including taking out the garbage and doing the laundry. 

  • Kitchen: Please do not leave any perishables in the frig or potential squirrel food outside of cupboards when you leave. Empty grounds from the coffee maker into the garbage and unplug it. Leave the dishwasher empty and the door ajar. Please don’t shut off the water main while the dishwasher is running or it may beep unhappily for weeks! 
  • Supplies: Cleaning supplies are under sinks in kitchen and baths and in the pantry. Do not use harsh cleansers on the laminate or travertine floors. 
  • Wood floors: How ever tempting, please do not use the heavy vacuum cleaner on the wood laminate floors as they’ll scratch if any grit gets dragged around. Instead, please use the Swiffer, the back-pack vacuum, broom, or Bona. The Swiffer is plugged in somewhere (a charge will last just one story of the house), a broom, microfiber mop and “Bona” cleanser are in the pantry, and a back-pack vacuum cleaner is in the front hall closet. Please remove dirty shoes, wear slippers, and wipe dog paws with a dog towel. Sorry, you’d think the flooring would have been engineered to stand up to what I’d consider normal use... The heavy vacuum is fine for the carpets.
  • Laundry: Machines are in the pantry. Please wash and dry any house sheets and towels you use (recommend bringing your own since it takes a while). Do not leave anything to mold in the washer or dryer. It is OK to leave clean laundry hanging to dry on a wooden drying rack (stowed hanging on the railing of the garage stairs) or over doors, railings, chairs, or towel racks. Leave the washer lid open.

Garbage and recycling: Use the bear box next to driveway for both. Pick up day is Tuesday. Recyclables must be bagged securely in special blue bags (find them in the pantry cupboard) or they’ll be treated as trash. They take everything as in Monterey except plastic bags, which can be returned at the grocery stores. Garbage may be bagged in other bags. Be sure to remove all recyclables and garbage from the house when you leave. Sensor on lid of garbage can in kitchen may need to be switched on.
More about bears: Don’t leave food or anything that smells or looks like food in your car. 

Pets: Well behaved pets are welcome. There is a large green-belt behind the house, trail access next door, and wonderful dog-friendly hikes and restaurants in the region (see Fun Guide). Please supervise pets when outside. While this section of Skislope is not a particularly busy road, those that use it tend to drive fast and in winter the driveway is a blind entrance onto the road. Other dogs often walk by and there are coyotes and bears in the area. Please dont let dogs pee on/in the rock gardens (the sweet woodruff spilling over the rock walls will die). Clean-up bags and dog-towels are in the pantry. A wood child/pet gate is stowed in the hall closet upstairs. We have a wireless invisible fence, but it requires training; we can talk you through it if you are interested. The manual is on a living room bookshelf and the transmitter unit is mounted in a cabinet in the dining room (usually turned off when we aren’t there). 

Quiet hours: 10 PM to 7 AM. Turn off exterior lights after 10 PM.

Summer specifics

Water: During the height of summer, please leave water on so the irrigation system can work. Otherwise the water system should be turned off when the house is vacant (see “Winter” page). 

Heat: In the summer, the thermostat will be set with a “summer” program, which is not “off” but set so that the furnace won’t come on until the house drops below something cooler than 67oF as in winter. You may adjust it to your liking with the + and - buttons on the thermostat. We do not have air conditioning. When you arrive in the summer, the house may be warm. It will quickly cool off if you open some windows and run the bathroom fans or the portable fan (stored in the master bedroom).

Decks: Chair cushions are in the front hall closet; please stow them and the patio umbrella away if weather gets inclement and when you are leaving. The key for the cable locking the chairs and table is hanging with other keys by the front door. Please lock them again when you leave; unfortunately we’ve experienced some petty thefts. A propane grill is on the deck off the kitchen. Please dont rough-house on the ski lift chair. 

Pond: There is a seasonal stream that is dammed to form a pond in the front yard. Please supervise children and pets if there is thin ice or open water.

Camping: is permitted only in the TD campground on Alder Creek Road.

Fires: use only our woodstove and gas BBQ grill. Absolutely no outdoor wood or charcoal fires if a regional fire ban is in place.

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