3. Security System and Electronics

  • Front door lock: The front door has a touch-pad above the handle (see picture at left). Use the code we set up for you (in a separate conversation). Hint: touch the SCHLAGE logo first to light up the touch-pad, touching elsewhere lights it up but also registers as input. To get back in sync, type some numbers and watch for a red “X” in the lower corner, which indicates you’ve finished entering four (albeit wrong) inputs. Then begin the given sequence. Simply touch the SCHLAGE logo to re-lock the door when you leave. 
  • A lock-box is also located near the front door and the key in it opens the front door. This combination is probably different than the one for the Schlage touch-pad (ask us). Please return the key to the lock-box. The key lock-box combination must be re-entered in order to re-lock the box. 

Security system: Through Ring, and includes motion sensors, door and window contacts, and a smoke detector. The alarm control panel is in the front entry-way "mud-room" on the wall to your right as you enter. If you accidentally set the alarm off, call us immediately on our cell phones (our numbers are below), because Ring will be trying to reach us to determine if it is a false alarm or not. 

The alarm system is WiFi-enabled and we can control it remotely, and we will try to do that for you. Of course that means that the WiFi must be working and we’re available. If we can’t control the system for you, here are the steps to follow to turn off and set the alarm:

-- When you unlock the front door with the Schlage touch keypad, that will also disarm the Ring security system. If you use the key from the lockbox at the front door, or enter through the door from the garage to the kitchen, you will have just 30 seconds to disarm the Ring security system. The Ring alarm control panel is on the wall of the mudroom. Enter the code and press the “X” at the bottom of the circle of buttons to turn it off.

-- To set the alarm when you leave for good, close all doors, enter the code on the alarm control panel, and press the upper left of the circle of buttons - the icon looks like a person walking away. You will have 30 seconds to leave. Pull the door firmly closed, and use the touch key-pad or lock-box key to lock it. Or let us set the alarm remotely.

The garage roll-up door is not alarmed, but the door from the garage into the house is. If you enter the house from the garage, you’ll need to dash through the house to the front entry-way mudroom to disarm the Ring system at the alarm control panel. Bring a flash-light!

Thermostat: The Ecobee thermostat is in the hallway off the kitchen (see picture). The large number in the center is the detected temperature and the programmed temperature is along the right side. It is programmed to cycle warmer in the winter morning and evening, and cooler during the mid-day and at night. In the summer it is set to come on at far lower temperatures. You can override the programmed temperature for the remainder of that part of the cycle by sliding your finger up or down the bar of dots on the right to change the temperature. We can control it remotely also, so if it is driving you crazy, please contact us.

WiFi: Internet is provided through Optimum Cable. The password for the wireless at the house is written on a stickie-note on the router or on a slip of paper in the drawer underneath the TV in the living room. 

Computer and printer: There is a computer in the upstairs hallway, and it has a guest account you may use. There is a wireless B&W laser printer next to the computer (Brother HL-2280DW). When powered on, it should appear on the network. 

Cell phones: We have marginal service from the major carriers. Set your cellphone to use WiFi-enabled calling. We do not have a “land-line” at the house.

Other electric/electronic stuff: There is a 220V 30 amp outlet in the garage with a Tesla adapter plugged in to it (remember to bring your charging cable!) We have portable fans in each of the bedrooms (there’s no AC), and a “true-HEPA” air purifier and a humidifier stored in the master bedroom. There is a portable, rechargeable iPod dock with radio and speakers in the dining room, and a DVD player plugged into the TV. We have Roku and AppleTV and there is basic TV service through the cable.
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There are electric blankets on some of the beds and a hair dryer in the guest bath upstairs. Please be sure all these and the kitchen appliances (listed on House info page) are off when you leave. User manuals for everything can be found on the book shelf in the living room or a drawer in the pantry. There are conventional smoke detectors and carbon monoxide sensors throughout the house. Please do not leave the exterior lights on all night.

Power outage: Candles are set out and flashlights may be found in the first drawer in pantry, plugged into a dining room outlet, and in the master bedroom. Fire up the wood stove to keep the plumbing from freezing, and cuddle up! We find the power in Monterey is actually less reliable...

  831-915-2971 (Jeff’s cell)
  831-915-0161 (Jenny’s cell)

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