Rental Rates
(last updated May ’15) 

  • Mid-week (Mon-Thur): ($150 + $18*)/night
    • Weekends and holidays: ($200 + $24*)/night
    • Large groups (8 or more): ($250 + $30*)/night

Calendar of reservations (contact us to put your name on it.)
Note that the calendar shows the nights spoken for; departure is on the following day.

*The Town of Truckee charges a 10% Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) on all rentals. The Truckee Chamber of Commerce has just added a 2% Tourism Business Improvement District (TBID) tax.

Security Deposit: For repeat renters no security deposit will be necessary. We reserve the option, however, to obtain a refundable deposit of $500 for new renters or large groups.

Cleaning: We are not contracted with a cleaning service, so please leave the house clean when you depart. Information is on the “House info: All year” page. If an outside cleaning service is required, a one-time $100 fee will be added to the daily rate balance or deducted from any security deposit.

Payments (see rental rates above and please include the taxes)Do not send any payments or other mailings to the Skislope Way address.
Mail payments made by check to:

        Jeff or Jenny Paduan
        265 Mar Vista Drive
        Monterey, CA 93940

Payment by check is preferred. Alternatively, you may send your payment via Paypal to our account, which is the same as our email address:, or simply click the “Buy Now” button below (include any comments to us in the text box).

Payer comments:

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